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These eco-friendly fixes can help you save money…and the environment!

Renovating to make your home more eco-friendly doesn’t just reduce energy consumption, but it can also up the resale value of your property. Every day, people are getting more and more concerned with environmental issues and are looking for ways to reduce their own and their families carbon footprint. Here are some ways you can renovate your home to make it more eco-friendly, which helps out the environment and your bank account.

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The 4 Biggest House Flipping Mistakes

House flipping can be a lucrative hobby, side-gig or full-time job. Since the early 2000s, house flipping has become a popular and exciting way to turn a profit. That said, it can be easy to let the excitement overtake common sense, which leads to mistakes. Some of...

Does Weather Really Affect Home Prices?

With the holidays just around the corner, TV’s, cars, shoes, household appliances, and whatever else you can think of aren’t the only things “going on sale.” Believe it or not, but houses are also going on sale. According to past records, the...

Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

Back in 2006, I made my television debut on A&E’s Flip This House,¬†and even though I stopped filming after a couple of seasons, I’ve continued¬†flipping and teaching others how to flip. Then in 2015, I briefly came back to the spotlight and went...

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